Features of an Effective Real Estate Website

With the growing competition in the real estate industry, it is imperative to do something extra so that you get an edge over others. A real estate website will certainly help you to get the desired benefits. For this, it is better to hire a professional website designing company that will provide you with an advanced yet impressive realtor website.

With the advancement in technology, use of the Internet has increased. Apart from being an entertainment and information source, it is widely used as a marketing and promotional tool by almost every businesses organization today. Moreover, it has become one of the best platforms to mark your presence in any business. In fact, the real estate industry also uses the Internet as an effective marketing tool to appeal their future clients. As a real estate agent, you can take the help of the Internet to make yourself visible to your prospective clients, and a real estate website will certainly be the best option.

If you want to stay ahead in the real estate business it is necessary to create an attractive website that can influence people. Your website must be capable enough to draw the attention of your potential clients and they must find it useful. It is advisable to get your website designed by a professional designing company that will design a content rich website, which will satisfy the clients’ objectives.

A reliable and skilled website designing company will equip your real estate website with all the latest tools and features to make it powerful and help you to sustain in the business. It will strive to design such a website that will be advanced and user-friendly. The professionals will provide features to add, edit and even remove numerous listings to your website, upload photographs for listings and provide virtual tours.

You can even publish or edit multiple web pages to your website in just few simple steps. In addition to this, a professional service provider will design a website that will have clients’ testimonials served in past, personal greeting on its home page, free articles, blogs and other informational materials. Moreover, the website developer will focus on the lead generation and client management areas of your website.

The lead generation area of a website deals with the contact form, property request form, relocation request form and home value finder request form as well. The professionals provide the lead generators on every listing page to make it easy for the clients to contact you. In fact, they provide your website with a chat feature that allows the clients to have an open discussion with your executives.

Contrary to lead generation, the client management system is present at the back-end of your real estate website that provides a complete contact database to manage leads. The system also helps you to create reminders, notes and follow-ups with your clients. Moreover, newsletters also help you to keep in touch with the clients that are not visiting your real estate website.

MLS/IDX is an essential feature of a technologically advanced realtor website. It allows the users to search through the listings provided in your website. It also helps you to turn on/off MLS (Multiple Listing Service) lead capture, associate your website with other public MLS and even search through your MLS without any charges.

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Getting the Best Deal: How a Real Estate Website Can Get You Closer to Your Dream Property

There was a time very long ago when scouting for a piece of real estate was a task that was undertaken with great trepidation and with a general fear of being at the losing end of a deal gone bad. Approaching a real estate company or agent was something people didn’t do with great ease. Even when folks had great plans and a fat wallet or bank account, the industry was seldom looked upon as a “safe” market. It was always assumed that the insiders were a bunch of crooks who were out to hoodwink the unsuspecting investor. Thus it became a trend to look at anyone who was a part of the industry with suspicious eyes. Never could someone claim to be in the real estate industry and find people relating that to their integrity or honesty. The local tea vendor would have been given more credit as an honest man than the local real estate agent. This sorry state of affairs would have continued had it not been for the dawn of the internet era. Now everything has changed.

With the arrival of the internet people had access to information like never before. Sellers could approach buyers directly and the middle man was left out. This meant that the need for the traditional real estate broker was diminished. To the point where it seemed that there would never really be need for them. Then the internet proved to be a game changer yet again. The enterprising agents began to create an online presence. They began to advertise their specific skill sets and the reason why they were still relevant in a digital era. Most importantly, they stressed on the fact that they were now working in the same way as the rest of the world. No longer would the term real estate agent mean something less than honorable.

As such, a real estate website today can be very useful and highly beneficial to the customer. In fact it has everything you could possibly need to find that dream property

-Finding it: with Google Maps integrated into the real estate website, finding a specific piece of property becomes a cinch! Not only can you find the plot, you can find out everything you could want to know about the local area, besides finding the travel routes from there to almost anywhere!

-A closer look: with multiple photos and videos it becomes so much easier to view the property without leaving the comfort of your home.

-Agent profiles: No longer do you need to call up a complete stranger to find out about your dream property, you can read about the agents on their profile page and choose which one works for you best

-Feedback: finally you can get feedback about the company you decide to employ for your real estate needs. Testimonials from previous customers can help you feel more confident about their integrity and trustworthiness

All these can fall a little flat if you are using a mobile device to access the website and it displays like a tiny map on your screen. Most of the better agencies have responsive design websites that can adapt to the device and browser they are displayed on. so if the website loads like it was meant for your device, you know you are in good hands

In conclusion it can only be reiterated that the reason that real estate websites can get you closer to your dream properties is, that they are a representation of the new breed of real estate businessmen. People who believe very strongly, in the ethical and legal way of conducting business. Honest men and women who have a passion for locating unique and special properties and uniting them with customers who know that this is not just about bricks and mortar. Real estate to them is more than just a business, it is who they are. It is an extension of their personalities, their willingness to serve, and their passion to make every customer satisfied, if nothing else.

The real estate website is a portal that can truly help customers locate the dream properties with ease and it can only do so when it is followed by the service and intelligence of the company it represents. Without them the website would be just another website. With them, however, it becomes a brilliant tool to magically bring all the talent of the agency into the homes and offices of the customer via the internet. So in a way, the website is the digital version of an actual agency, made available to the customer on a constant basis at their very fingertips.

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How to Choose Effective Real Estate Websites

Online transactions are really taking over. These days, almost all important transactions can be done online. You may bank through the Internet or even shop for whatever item you need. The real estate industry is never to be left out. You would find that almost all real estate companies and agents that matter can be found and located online.

Online real estate businesses may flourish. The competition for such is also intensifying. You would find that amid the influx of such sites, in the end, you would have a difficult time choosing the Website to choose and trust. There are many real estate Websites but not all of them can be useful and effective to you. It is important to at least gain insights as to how property Websites can be chosen and picked.

First of all, a good real estate Website is offering good and practical services to the online users. There are too many of such sites in the Internet, but as a mentioned, not all are useful and functional. Good real estate sites are always updated and are integrated with the latest news and developments in the market. There are sites that offer tickers and quotes to give buyers and investors a rundown of what to expect in the market.

Good real estate Websites are of course outlined strategically and comfortably. Simplicity is a virtue. Studies show that most real estate investors prefer the simple, yet effective layouts. Troublesome and too tight layouts of online sites make such Websites ineffective and less interesting. Just like in newspapers, if information are too packed and arranged without effective layouting and strategy, the data would render futile.

Effective real estate Websites have search functions. Search engines are useful to online users. That is why most online sites are running their own search functions. The search service could cover contents within the Website or could even extend to the coverage of the whole world wide web. Many users find such services useful because searching within the site is made much faster.

Real estate Websites are produced and run by the most trusted and reliable property firms. If a real estate company is not reliable and trustworthy enough, clients naturally and logically should not risk their capital and investments. Online sites made by good real estate firms are also comparatively better and more useful in general.

Lastly, real estate Websites should be sincere and truthful. Some Websites are only effective in misleading clients and boasting of hoax accomplishments. If there are telephone numbers of addresses provided, take time to personally check out locations and actual assets of the Websites. Doing so would help you endure that the Website is really trustworthy, truthful and reliable. Lies should never ever be tolerated.

As you search across the Internet for real estate Websites, always be sure to stay focused. There are just too many sites out there. But you would determine and deal with the bests if you would only be patient and resourceful in your search endeavor.

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Real Estate Websites: Some of the Best, Some of the Worst

While real estate websites hold the position of some of the most impressive, cutting edge and prestigious websites online, they can also hold the reputation for the ugliest and least intuitive sites as well.

Zillow is a great example of a new media giant. What started out as a highly secretive startup by the ex CEO of Expedia turned into one of the most talked about sites of the year. It has already been branded by the public the “EBay of real estate sites”. Their site technology has resulted in many industry innovations and in fact is changing the real estate industry as we know it.

Redfin and Trulia are another two up and comers in the real estate technology arena. Redfin has already dominated a 60 minutes show recently and Trulia has just received another 10 million in financing. In fact in January 2007, all three of these companies were listed in Swanepoel TRENDS Report as part of the “Top 10 Trendsetters” online.

Academics report that with over 100+ million websites online, approximately 6% of commercial websites are real estate related. The problem is that a vast majority of these sites are nowhere near the caliber of Zillow.com. Most are mere duplicates of poor real estate website design.

I’m sure you can picture them now, a headshot picture in the upper left hand corner, a pixilated, poorly designed logo, possibly an unnecessary, time consuming flash presentation at the beginning, content which doesn’t stand out, poor information architecture, and countless links at the bottom of their homepage sending their site visitors to sites such as bulgariancardealers.com or real-estate-secrets-for-people-with-bad-credt.com.

At paperclipcms.com we only focus on real estate websites. We see countless real estate websites each day. We spend our days researching, analyzing, promoting, and designing real estate websites. Yet, we never get desensitized to the utterly horrible design and functionality of the majority of real estate websites out there today. It’s sometimes shocking, sometimes tragic and often comical how poorly designed most real estate websites are.

The subject of real estate website design would not fit within the framework of this blog post, however we will point out some major “musts” for real estate websites.

1. Organize your outbound links and keep links to 3rd party sites to a minimum on your main page. If you have a real estate link exchange or resource page, make sure you have organized your links into categories and only included relevant links. A link from a coffee retailer will do more harm than good for your search engine ranking and your public image.

2. Organize your internal information architecture in such a way that is intuitive and minimal. Look at your metrics monitoring program to find out what your most popular pages are. While most real estate webmasters place a disproportionate amount of attention on their “about us” page, we have found these pages are frequented by less than 2% of website visitors. Our testing has shown the most popular pages on real estate websites have been property listing pages, property index pages, maps, blogs and of course the sites main page. People want properties and regional information before they want to know about what your education background is. Make sure you present your website information in an order that correlates to your website visitor preferences.

3. Ensure there is design continuity throughout your site. You should have one title font, size and color, one subtitle font, size and color and the body text should also be the same site wide. Similarly, ensure there is harmony between the colors on your site. There should be great thought put into the color combinations and the interaction between graphical elements and text elements. For example, if your banner has predominantly cool, blues and purples, then bring that into consideration whey dealing with your sites typography choices, such as page titles or subheadings.

4. Upload as many properties as you possibly can. All of our research has concluded the same findings. People visit real estate websites to search for properties. They want pictures, virtual tours, directions, descriptions and contact information. Too many real estate websites keep up a few outdated listings hoping their site visitors will call asking to see a particular place, to which there response will be “I’m sorry, that property is no longer available but maybe you should come by the office and I can show you a list of other properties that are available”. This is such an ineffective way to harness the power of the internet.

The more properties you have on your site, the longer people will stay on your website and look around. The more properties you have on your site, the more education your site visitors will have regarding your property offerings and the less work you will need to do in the future informing your clients of property choices. The web saves both you and your clients a lot of time. You save time because you now have clients coming to you with printouts of the properties they want to see and you spend less time educating your clients. It’s a win win situation, but it requires that you keep your website up to date and populated with many properties.

Again, you don’t have to be the next Zillow.com, and you don’t need to do an IPO to raise money to ensure you site gets the attention it deserves. While building a quality real estate website takes time, it’s not something that out of reach to the average real estate professional. It just takes some pre-planning and a basic understanding of design and technology.

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RealtorPress: Start A Real Estate Website With This WordPress Real Estate Theme

RealtorPress is a real estate theme for WordPress that meets the needs of even the most demanding realtor. It’s well designed, it looks good, it looks professional, it undoubtedly looks the part. Whether you are marketing your own properties or marketing the properties of others for a commission, RealtorPress is for you. Over the years the monies generated through the sale of property has boomed exceptionally. The prospect of becoming affluent through the sale of property is a realistic one. And the prospect of having your own real estate business on the web only serves to increase the wealth generating potential associated with the sale of property online. Having your property portfolio on the internet will expose your properties to an incredibly wide number of people. A wide stretching global audience who’ll have the chance to browse your collection of property with a great deal of choice and ease. What’s more, the rise of interest in property, aided by the use of the world wide web means that there’s now more opportunities to make money through the sale of property than ever. More to the point, you can setup a real estate website without even having a real estate business, let alone own property. This is in large part due to the fact that you can set up a realtor website with RealtorPress and simply join a realtor affiliate program.

So what does that mean? it essentially means that you can set up a real estate site with RealtorPress, join a realtor affiliate program, then advertise the properties of other established real estate online businesses that you’ve become an affiliate with. The way you make money via this method is simple. You setup a realtor site using the aforementioned theme, you promote affiliate property on your site, and when visitors to your site click to find out more about a property, or properties, you have listed on your website, they will be directed to the relevant website where the real property is actually being advertised. This action will be tracked by the affiliate program you have signed up to. If a person ends up buying property from the site you directed them to via your website, you will earn a commission on the sale. So as you can fully well understand, this method makes it incredibly easy to make money with your website. Making money online using these sorts of methods, particularly, where property is concerned can be extremely lucrative.

With this in mind you can fully well appreciate the importance of having a real theme estate theme that not only looks good, professional, but also a real estate theme that is SEO friendly. An SEO friendly theme is absolutely essential when it comes to establishing a presence on the internet. A theme that is search engine optimization friendly is a blessing in disguise. A theme with this quality will help you to rank higher in all the major search engines and even in the smaller ones. Ranking higher in the search engines is an absolute must when you want to make money on the web. The higher you rank in the search engines is the more likely you are to generate traffic. The more traffic to your site means more potential interest in the properties you have on offer. This ultimately means that you may potentially end up with a fortune especially given the large amount of people that are exposed to the web.

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